Planning the design

I have made a lot of progress last week and begun putting the experimental work into a portfolio so that people can see the development of the design. I always find it interesting to see other artists’ design and making process as well as the finished piece.

What have I been doing?

Last week I focused on developing the cottage. I did some more experimentation by sewing the wood of the house on soluble fabric (see ‘art in the garden’ post to see daffodil samples) and on cotton. This was important because it has helped me plan how the cottage will be created.


I am going to create the building by sewing onto cotton and using procion dyes to colour the walls; the roofing will be created using soluble fabric for a textured effect. Having explored different methods of creating the artwork, I then quickly sketched the view that I preferred (below).

Quick sketch of the cottage. The leading on the windows will be hand-sewn.

The next step was planning the scale of the cottage where I had to consider the amount of space I want to leave for the garden as it grows. I drew the cottage on Adobe Photoshop which enabled me to adjust the scale accurately.

The next step…

So, what’s the plan for this week? Transferring the digital illustration to cotton and embroidering the cottage. I’ll be visiting the cottage later in the week and making some floral studies ready for embroidering.

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