All in a Spin

In addition to my embroidered work, I spend my evenings tapestry weaving. I find weaving my own project in the evenings so relaxing after a hard day in the studio.  Whilst working on my latest piece, I began thinking about how to source suitable yarn (and colours, of course) for my next project.  Having studied woven design and always used 100% wool in my weaving, it is natural that I want to continue this.  Personally, I don’t like ordering online because I can’t feel the wool or see the colours in daylight (that’s my excuse for wanting to go to a shop) and there aren’t that many specialist wool shops near me.  I started thinking and my mind wandered to all the lovely merino wool tops in my studio that is sitting on a shelf.  I haven’t done felting in ages and then I thought why not spin my own wool and dye the white with naturally sourced materials.

Spinning wool has always been something that I have wanted to do.  Last year a friend of mine showed me how to spin using a drop spindle.  With that in mind, I bought a spindle and have spent the last two weeks practising.  I know it will take lots of practise and I really admire all the spinners out there.

  If there are any spinners who would like to give any advice on technique, please feel free to comment; it will be very much appreciated.

Thank you all for reading.  I’m now going to do a lot more practise…

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