Time for a new skill

When the lockdown was first announced I decided that I would complete unfinished crochet projects and learn a new skill.  Below are two projects I finished; I’m quite pleased with the outcome.  Here they are…

How tall will it grow?

A sunflower for my husband which was meant to be a Christmas present for 2019.  Admittedly, I still have to crochet the bumblebee, but it’s not as much to do like the whole flower.  It was a free pattern I found online.

The other is for my son which was meant to be a Christmas present three years ago; it got put in a cupboard and forgotten about.  It became one of the ‘I’ll finish it one-day’ projects.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember which Amigurumi book it was – please comment if you know.

New Skill

In my previous post ‘All in a Spin’, I talked about wanting to learn spinning techniques.  A lot has happened since then.  I am still practising with the drop spindle and I’m now on my third skein of spun wool.  I really wanted to try using a spinning wheel and thought now is the best time to start.

I bought a second-hand 1981/1983 Ashford traditional spinning wheel from a neighbour (we kept to the social distancing rules) and I walked home with it in the original box.  The next two and a half days were spent sanding and staining the wheel and trying to figure out how to put it together without instructions.  I found instructions for a similar model – thank you Internet!

As I was putting it together, I realised that it hadn’t been used because the markings on the wood for the screws hadn’t been broken in.  Here are some photos of the wheel before and after.

I haven’t started anything yet because I had to order a maintenance kit because some of the springs and hooks had rusted.  I ordered online from a local shop called Fibrehut, which is where I bought my drop spindle.  They’re a brilliant supply for weaving and felting equipment and supplies http://www.fibrehut.co.uk

Meanwhile, I will continue to practise with my drop spindle, in addition to my commissioned work.

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