CreativiTea is a response to the Creative Connections project which has been initiated by Severn Arts and Worcestershire County Council. There are twenty Worcestershire-based artists creating a response to the theme; you can find out how the projects are developing by visiting

A big thank you to Severn Arts and Worcestershire County Council for the funding which made this project possible.


‘Sit down and have a cup of tea’, is a phrase that is often used to calm people down when they have had a shock, or if need cheering up.  A conversation over a cup of tea puts things in perspective and helps us to share a problem. This was the inspiration behind my idea. 

CreativiTea is a free-motion embroidered textile artwork of a tea set that shows how the community has been brought together and are supporting each other during Covid-19, the lockdown.  Each piece of the tea set focuses on different aspects of our lives. 

The applique contains interactive icons on each piece of the tea set where you can click and download a pdf printable mindfulness colouring sheet.  There is one illustration for each part of the tea set.

The Colouring Sheets

Available as A4 printable pdfs at The images below show the icon that must be clicked on

The Reasoning Behind the Designs

The Tea Cup

Hope, freedom, return to normality

The Biscuit Tin

The Key Workers: Keeping us safe through these difficult times.

The Milk Jug

Friendship: Conversation in such a lonely time.

The Teapot

Community: Shopping and walking pets for others. Delivering letters from friends. Supporting the local village shop.

The Sugar Bowl

Children: Teddy bear and rainbow hunts; home-schooling; art activities; exercise; nature