Outdoor Gallery

Unit 6, The Hop Market, Worcester

I was one of eight artist commissioned by Worcester City Council, Worcester BID and Severn Arts to create a design to dress the frontage of vacant retail units. Below is a bit about the inspiration for the design.

Artwork Title: Finding Hope and Joy

The design is a hand-painted textile artwork, embroidered using a domestic sewing machine.  The finished piece was photographed, and digital elements were added. 

The Design Idea

People often walk past shop windows that have artwork displayed in them and quickly glance to see the work.  How can we attract their attention and make them study the artwork a little longer and engage in the message?

I wanted to make people stop and look at the work in detail, so I thought of incorporating the theme ‘Hope and Joy’ as a phrase written throughout the design.  The question at the top of the image is the question ‘How many times can you see the phrase ‘Hope and Joy’? The QR code on the bottom of the artwork links to the webpage that has the answer. The idea is that people spend time looking for the phrases and see if they can find all of them.

The inspiration for the layout of the design came from a photograph of a shop in Worcester City Centre. Each of the windows represents the different shops that are in the city centre.  In the distance are some of the City’s landmark buildings and under the arches are the names of the City’s shopping areas.  I chose to use bright colours to emphasise the joy people get when visiting their favourite shops. 

How many times can you find the phrase ‘Hope and Joy’?

To find the answer, click on this link http://michelleflint.com/hopeandjoy.html

I would like to thank Worcester City Council, Worcester BID and Severn Arts for this opportunity.